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Necessary Evil?

No, slavery was not a necessary evil – unless you’re an irresponsible jerk that spends more than you have.

(And God knows conservatives hate those kind of people.)

Wait, What?!

“…the Iraqi government has done next to nothing to protect our facilities…”Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State Let me see…

Loki Theory

In myths and lore, “tricksters” often use tricks, lies, transgressing norms expectations and taboos, amorality, double-dealing, contradiction, vagueness, flip-flopping, breaking promises, turning other characters against themselves or each other, destruction, opportunism, shamelessness, plain old bullshitting, or humor to accomplish the breaking up of an intractable situation. Even murder.

Maybe or Maybe Not

Democrats might have a shot. Unless they swing hard left and nominate a socialist, or Trump’s approach gets even more aggressive and chaotic that Democrats don’t know how to respond, or Republicans donate more to Trump than they did in 2016, or Russians and fever swamps muck things up even more, and/or Trump hijacks the news cycle. What are the chances?

Fake News

I’ve been a political junkie for a while. By this point in any of multiple past Presidential election cycles I’d…

Donald Lies. And?

Here’s another thing about Donald’s lies… have you noticed how even his supporters who are very concerned about truth in their own lives are very unconcerned about DONALD TRUMP’S lies? Why is that?