Today’s American politics are dominated by ideology, and the easiest way to summarize that is to say “conservative” and “liberal” have reached a point of almost complete incompatibility and almost zero common ground.

Separate from the merit of this part or that part of conservative or liberal ideas – if we just can’t agree what to do about this or that for any sustainable length of time, then do it, then reap the benefits – then our government, our society, and our reality is a shit show.

And so “wing-nut-ness”, or “very-ness” when it comes to liberal and conservative is something I’m going to treat as the enemy. Well, at least my enemy. You wing nuts have marginalized me, and treated me and all my friends, the moderates, as your enemy for a while, so that’s fair.

We all have the right to compete. We all have the right to cooperate. You wingnuts will get as many people to agree with you as you can. I will get as many people to agree with me as I can. Theoretically, we are both trying to build a process to make decisions for the GROUP. EVERYBODY.

I think my (moderate) platform is a more solid foundation on which to make decisions for everybody than your wing-nut ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal platform. Of course, I don’t get to make decisions for everybody, but I’ll try to get a group together. Me and the moderates. We’ll bang it out.

Here’s the thing – you ultra-extra-special wing nuts are very invested in your ideas, and you probably won’t swing my way. That’s okay. You try to marginalize everybody that doesn’t agree with you – As for me, I won’t try to marginalize YOU, I will try to marginalize wing-nut ideas – and if wing-nut ideas are the hill you decide to die on, and I’m successful in my goal, then that will play out like it plays out, and so be it – I see it as you chose un-workability, so I’ll advocate you get ostracized for pulling the rest of us into hell.

So, then – SOME OF YOU kind of wandered into wing-nut-ness. If you look at your political convictions ten years ago, maybe you weren’t even political. Maybe you’re STILL not political, but you support wing nuts, and wing nut ideas from the closet – but maybe NOT BECAUSE that’s the best you think we can do under any circumstances, but rather it seems like the best we can do right now. We’re in a screwed up time, and screwed up times call for screwed up measures, is maybe your line of thinking?

Am I going to marginalize YOU?

Well, it depends. I’m trying to marginalize wing-nut-ness. Not just for the sake of it – but because there’s no way to get from wing-nut-ness to a world that just works, i.e. where we’re using the best ideas and methods for the right reasons, and getting the best results. As they say in Maine, you can’t get there from here.

I intend to lay out some moderate ideas on how to deal with what we’re dealing with right now. And we CAN get to pretty darn good, we can get there from here if we just balance what there is to be balanced, do what there is to do. If you want to jump on this same bandwagon, and even bring in your own flavor of “moderate” and “balanced”, then it seems likely we can work together. And even to manage the world pretty darn well. Morning in America. I think so. I hope so. For now, I can’t see what you’ll do, so I’m going to charge ahead and build what I can, and hope they (and you) come.