(Thank you, Tracy Chapman)

Something I bought the other day had a “surprise bonus” – a one hour session with a business strategy coach. So I told the coach about ClearFuzz.

Mr. Coach said I must identify my target market.

A ClearFuzz die-hard:

  • is smart
  • wants the world to work, so is at least a little idealistic
  • but is very pragmatic about that, nuts and bolts
  • but on the other hand – omg, what the hell is going on?
  • (to overhaul all these wobbly wheels around us is a big chunk of shift)
  • (big shifts make societies squirmy)
  • so a ClearFuzz die-hard balances revolution with the art of the possible – this revolution will need to be self-sustaining, so people need to buy in, across spectrums of ideology and demographics, to truly make the world anew in a way that sticks
  • as for how serious ClearFuzz peeps are about taking big ideas into the real world – it varies from just lurking on one end, to planning and plotting and organizing like the next Thomas Paine or Betty Friedan
  • a revolutionary TRUEST to the ClearFuzz vision may have a conservative leaning, or may have a liberal leaning, but will more than either of those be moderate, independent, and willing to talk to people they don’t agree with
  • Those things like farming, democracy, and free markets and industrialization that had the MOST revolutionary of impacts – after the fact we wonder what all the fuss is about, they are kind of “ho-hum”, and “it just works”, as much as it does (not to say we can’t tweak). ClearFuzz should be the same. The sexiness of this revolution will be in how common sense it is after the revolution is won, that things are just balanced, and people have both freedom and opportunity to live in a kick butt world. People who come back here over and over buy into this pax ClearFuzz vision.
  • This will intentionally be a Rennaisance, an Enlightenment. As such, we are multi-dimensional, talking about culture, the good and bad of human nature, philosophy, organizational and process dynamics, real life, and what is possible. Like an eighteenth century Paris salon, but without all the wigs.

This should be a fun ride – let’s go!